Miracle Morning #43

Today I got up at five thirty. I couldn’t sleep well last night.

Yesterday I visited at my mother’s apartment. She had lots of clothes and kimonos. Kimono is expensive but worthless. I have to sell them for almost nothing when I bring them to a recycled-goods shop. My mother likes clothes and kimonos very much but she has no property.

If she had bought property instead of them, she had better life.


I respect for entrepreneurs. They start their business though they take a risk of bankruptcy. I’d like to start a business soon. But I don’t know what I should do. Robert Kiyosaki says the most important thing for entrepreneurs is having a mission. I don’t work for money any more. I’d not like to sell my time for money. He says I shouldn’t start a business for money and time.

I’d never thought about a mission. I don’t have any abilities. I’d like to return the favor for tourists. I also help people who live alone. It is heavy to live in solitude. I’d like to support them to enjoy their life. And I’d like to live happily too. I don’t know if these wishes are applicable to missions. My thought is one for E quadrant which they work for money.

I’m not sure if I can find such business with good reason. I recognize it is wishful thinking. Do I get frightened again? Do I stay in E quadrant forever?

What I’d like to achieve this year

I’m not good at planing anything, because I don’t expect myself.

I’d like to realize my dreams. First of all, I have to embody my dreams.

I’d like to live happy. I’d like to have many good friends and help them.

I need money. Money is one of the necessities of life. However I don’t like to sacrifice myself for money. I’d like to work to contribute to others. But now I work for money.

I must think the way to translate my dreams into reality.

This year’s achievement is…..

  1. I start a business. I continue to work as a employee and become a entrepreneur this year.
    It is said ninety percent of entrepreneurs will fail in five years, and ninety percent of successful entrepreneurs will fail in the next five years. I know it is difficult to continue my business but I’ll be able to learn something important for life.
  2. I live with my boyfriend. I’ve got tired to live alone, though I think living alone is comfortable. I’d like to live together and sometimes quarrel with him. A problem is that I don’t have any boyfriend yet.I stop sticking to my past.
  3. I earn ¥8,000,000 a year. I’ll earn ¥10,000,000 a year by 2020.
  4. I save 3,000,000. It needs money for a deposit to get real estate.
  5. I go abroad twice. I’ve already scheduled to go to Sydney in Golden Week holidays. I’d like to go to Taiwan in autumn.
    I need trip to enjoy myself.
  6. I take financial education. It is necessary to avoid bankruptcy.
  7. I stop my extravagance. I must make a deposit.
  8. I help my friend’s business. I introduce her to customers for the expansion of her business.
  9. I hope my colleagues’ health and happiness. I have to work seriously for them.
  10. I thank others for their kindness every day.

May the new year bring you happiness!

What is my forte?

Robert Kiyosaki told business owners in B quadrant employ more excellent talent than the owners. The business owners need not knowledge but leadership. Superior technicians obey a first-class leader. We, inhabitants in E or S quadrant, always ask the leader’s advice. We can’t decide by ourselves, especially about money.

I don’t know the reason why we obey the leader blindly. I have no leadership, because I don’t believe in myself. What is my forte?

I stayed in Kawasaki, Kanagawa yesterday. Kawasaki is easily accessible to downtown and I think it is quite comfortable to live in.

Japanese real estate agents often quote Rich Dad when they sell real property

Robert Kiyosaki spoke about Rich Dad in Japan this year. I like his publications and I listened to his lecture.

I felt it was difficult for the poor to understand him, because the poor wished to become the rich easily. The poor don’t like effort. Real estate agents take advantage of their ignorance. The agents advise them to purchase studio apartments, apartment houses or condominium in debt. They believe the agents till they have got up to the ears in debt.

Robert Kiyosaki recommends good debt. However the poor confuse good debt and bad one.