Miracle Morning #43

Today I got up at five thirty. I couldn’t sleep well last night.

Yesterday I visited at my mother’s apartment. She had lots of clothes and kimonos. Kimono is expensive but worthless. I have to sell them for almost nothing when I bring them to a recycled-goods shop. My mother likes clothes and kimonos very much but she has no property.

If she had bought property instead of them, she had better life.

A marked increase in the value of real property in Tokyo

Recently a marked increase in the value of real property in Tokyo has been reported and many Japanese have started to invest lots of money in real property at estate agent’s insistence.

Increased real property will slip some day. But most of Japanese believe many people will live in Tokyo continuously. We can’t prophesy the future. I am anxious  about property value in my own flats. How will their  become in future?