Why do nobody permit me to avenge on my family?

A young mother and her baby were killed in 1999. The mother was raped after her death. The baby was thrown to a closet. As the criminal was eighteen years old, the juvenile Act didn’t admit his name and were published. 

He was convinced for life imperinment, but her husband appealed against the sentence.

The husband told he desired the criminal to die in front of the mass media.

Some of us sympathized with the survivor, and the others objected against the death penalty.

Indeed, I sympathized with the survivor, but I thought the death penalty was barbarous.

When the judge ruled the criminal the death penalty, the survivor told he wasn’t happy. He avenged on his family but the vengeance didn’t make him happy.

I really hope the survivor will have happy life.

The following picture is the Japanese drama based on this murder case. Yesterday I watched the drama and I recognized I hadnt known about the survivor at all.

Box Lunch

When I was a child, my mother cooked a box lunch for me everyday. My mother was not good at cookie and I didn’t like it. Sometimes I complained of it. At the same time, I appreciated her to myself. 

Now I am considering if I have to cook my box lunch but it is hard for me that I get up earlier, cook it and go to work at a quarter past seven… 

When I remember that my mother got up early to cook my box lunch for years, I regret why I didn’t say to her “thank you”, instead of complaint.