I recommend you move in Hakata

When I went to Hakata. they told Hakata was a good place to live because the rent and prices were inexpensive. However it was difficult to make reservation for a room at hotel in the weekend for lack of hotel. I didn’t know hotels were still run short in a local town. 

When you visit in Hakata, you have to make a reservation for a room in advance.


The Japanese Government promote Vacation Rental, but…

Vacation Rental is said ‘minpaku’ in Japanese. We usually stay in hotels when we travel. Then we don’t like tourists stay the next house. Even if it is a legal house, the neighbors oppose it.

An owner hold a meeting to explain building a vacation rental to neighbors.

One of them asked what the owner would do if children made a lot of noise. He replied how the neighber thought that the neighbor’s children often made noise. The neighbor told vacation rental had no advantage for him.

When I heard the blog, I thought japan still had kept national isolation.

I sometimes stayed in B & B, but the neighbors were kind to tourists. When I looked at a map, passengers asked me where I was going.

I agree with legal vacation rental. I feel the neighbor is self-centered. But I’m not sure if I am right or not.