I like sweets in Asakusa, Japan

I’d sometimes took part in the Asakusa sweets tour. Most of all members in the tour were male and they had a weakness for sweets. I always looked forward to the tour every month.

However, the tour has been finished unexpectedly. I can go to Asakusa alone but I can’t enjoy myself as much as the tour. I’d like to take their lecture about sweets again.

Let’s go to Fukuoka!

I’m going to Fukuoka in Japan on business this month. Fukuoka is the first visit for me and I’m looking forward going there. I’m going to stay in a flat which I booked in Airbnb.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to go sightseeing but I’d like to go to the bayside place hakata, the kushida shrine and the Fukuoka Asian art museum if I have time.

Airbnb. http://abnb.me/EVmg/v1KQFw0VcG

Sightseeing spot in Fukuoka http://www.crossroadfukuoka.jp/en/event/?mode=spotSearch&area=1


Street Performance in Dublin

The above video is one which I took when I went to Dublin in Ireland four years ago.  I like to watch such street performance in foreign countries. I had watched it on the street in London over a a hour before.  The performer found me and asked where I was from. I just killed time before the departure of the bus. The performer was a smooth talker and I enjoyed his performance and talking the last night in London.

I’d like to find good street performance in Japan.