Miracle Morning #167

Today I got up at six. A new miracle morning has started. The next month I’m going to Taipei for sightseeing. I’m going to stay in the Sheraton hotel at the first time. I’ve never stayed in a high-grade hotel in Taipei before. I’m looking forward to visiting in Taipei from now on.

Miracle Morning #166

Today I got up at six. I’m still sleepy now.

Yesterday I went to see my mother in a nursing home. She was fine but her dementia has progressed. She didn’t understand how to turn on and turn off an air conditioner. She tried to turn on the television in her room. But there wasn’t the television in her room. She told she asked some staff to turn on the television.

Miracle Morning #165

Today I got up at seven. I’m going to see my mother in the nursing house with my sister. She often asks us to take her to her appointment. But we have already vacated her appointment. Her treasure is garbage for the others. She paid a high price for her kimono and clothes. But they are worthless and we can’t sell them. She can’t understand the difference between waste and property in her life. It is the same as us. We work hard to waste money and finally we notice it at the end of our life.

Miracle Morning #160

Today I got up at six. It is raining this morning.

I have a peaceful day recently. I have some to-do lists and I haven’t finished them yet but I feel I’ll get along.

Next week I and my sister are going to see my mother. She lives in a nursing home because I had dementia. Now someone cooks her meals and gives her a bath. She doesn’t have to worry she looks after herself any more.

I appreciate at her happiness.