I’m still alive

Many Japanese are infected with COVID-19 everyday. The number of suicides has been increasing. I’m still alive now. It means I am happy, I think.



My mother has dementia. She stays in the nursing home now but we can’t see her for a long time due to the Corona virus.
The last month we took her to the hospital. She looked happy to see us after a long time. She was surprisingly thin and looked different.
She was beautiful and lively mother in my memory. She wore makeup and always took care about her appearance. She was my ideal.
Now she can’t walk nor have a meal by herself. Her hearing gets worse form aging and she always speaks with loud voice. She looks no longer human.
I feel she is myself after thirty years.

Miracle Morning #181

It is raining now. The typhoon is on its way.

I’ve entered into the examination in real estate notary yesterday. I’ve never worked for it before nor I don’t have any knowledge. Suddenly a real estate notary came to me and I went to a post office to pay for the examination fee. Fifteen percent of the examinees pass the examination every year.it might be reckless challenge. I’ll do my best.

Miracle Morning #177

Today I got up at six. It is hot and humid. Yesterday the maximum temperature was forty degrees at five place in Japan. I didn’t walk outside in the afternoon.

I’m going to pay off all my debts till August in 2020. I own two flats in Tokyo and rent them. Most of all rent has gone for payment. After repayment the rent becomes my income. I’ll go my best to pay off.