Miracle Morning #100

Today I got up at seven. Today is the last day in Sydney. I feel happy I can have the hundredth miracle morning in lovely Sydney.

I have dreams. I’d like to live with a partner in Minato Ward. I don’t have to work for living any more. I work for enjoying my life. I often stay in a high-grade hotel and I don’t have to worry money.

My dreams have come true yet. But I don’t know what difference I have from the rich. I guess I still get a lot of fat on my stomach. The rich don’t get fat on their body. I haven’t carried out diet.

I guess I easily give up my dreams. I’m all talk and no action.

First of all, I don’t believe myself, I think.

Lovely Sydney

I’m going to leave Sydney tomorrow.

First of all, I’d like to appreciate that I could come here again.

My first visit in Sydney was my honeymoon. I’d not been interested in Australia before honeymoon. However, I enjoyed Sydney very much when I visited there. After the honeymoon, we often visited at Sydney. I’d like to live in Sydney after our retirement if I could.

We divorced ten years later and I avoided visiting in Sydney, because Sydney was a symbol of my married life for me.

Now I remove traveling in Sydney, nevertheless, I won’t visit in Sydney with someone else.

Chinese Money

I’ve visited at Sydney after ten years distance.

When I visited here before, i saw many shops were closed. Now Sydney looks vibrant and many tourists visit here. Most of Asian are Chinese. Staff greet me in Chinese. It is evidence that Japanese don’t visit here as many as before. I didn’t realize while I live in japan but probably Japanese economy is in a recession.

I’ll come to Sydney I three years again. At the next time, I’m going to succeed with my business and stay in the Shangri-La hotel.

Miracle Morning #99

Today I got up at seven. I’ve slept for nine hours!

Living in Sydney after my retirement was my dream. Now my dream is that I’d like to start a business and continue living in Japan. Of course I’d like to visit in Sydney as a tourist. Well, I will visit here as business. First I’m going to start a small business and the business will become bigger. I’ll stay in a high-grade hotel and go to the Opera House to watch opera the next time.

Cozy B & B

Now I stay in a B & B in Sydney.

B & B is not popular in Japan. A friend of mine asked me if it was the same as vacation rental. In B & B, I don’t have to clean the room and a housekeeper cleans the room instead of me. The hotel is not new nor gorgeous but I can know ordinary living in the town.

However, if I have a chance, I’d like to stay in a high-grade hotel in Sydney the next time!