My favorite Japanese style hotel

Today I visited at a lounge in Hotel Gajoen Tokyo. It was my first visit but I like the hotel very much. If I were a tourist, I’m sure I’d recommend such a Japanese style hotel.

The following pictures are the rest room in the hotel. You can use the rest room if you aren’t a guest.

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo: 1-8-1, Shimomeguro, Meguro Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Why did they made a fetish of the founder?

The sarin gas attacked in the Tokyo subway system in 1995. Thirteen people were killed and six thousand people were injured.

The devotees made a fetish of the founder and killed common men. Most of all devotees had high school background and high income, but they couldn’t judge by moral standards.

The founder and their devotees were arrested and the mass media reports that the founder will be put to death soon.

However other devotees still profess the founder. We are anxious that a similar case might happen someday, because we know we have weak will and wish a strong leader.

All our efforts are not rewarded

I am a fan of Masaharu Fukuyama. He is a famous musician and actor in Japan.

He is good-looking and he has an unusual ability in music. In past, there were many musicians who have more ability than him. They were more famous than him, but now nobody remember them.

His name has been still well-known in Japan. I don’t know the reason. Probably he has continued striving to become a better musician.

All our efforts are not rewarded, but he did. And he try to do something new. I respect his ability.

Japanese real estate agents often quote Rich Dad when they sell real property

Robert Kiyosaki spoke about Rich Dad in Japan this year. I like his publications and I listened to his lecture.

I felt it was difficult for the poor to understand him, because the poor wished to become the rich easily. The poor don’t like effort. Real estate agents take advantage of their ignorance. The agents advise them to purchase studio apartments, apartment houses or condominium in debt. They believe the agents till they have got up to the ears in debt.

Robert Kiyosaki recommends good debt. However the poor confuse good debt and bad one.