Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Last year I went to a restaurant in Hotel New Otani Tokyo. It was a lunch buffet. I enjoyed delicious very much.


How many goal could I achieve this year?

I retrace what I’d like to achieve this year.

This year’s achievement was…..

  1. I start a business. I continue to work as a employee and become a entrepreneur this year.
    It is said ninety percent of entrepreneurs will fail in five years, and ninety percent of successful entrepreneurs will fail in the next five years. I know it is difficult to continue my business but I’ll be able to learn something important for life.
    ***I haven’t started my business yet. Ive passed an exam for real estate notary this year.
  2. I live with my boyfriend. I’ve got tired to live alone, though I think living alone is comfortable. I’d like to live together and sometimes quarrel with him. A problem is that I don’t have any boyfriend yet.I stop sticking to my past.
    ***I still live alone.
  3. I earn ¥8,000,000 a year. I’ll earn ¥10,000,000 a year by 2020.
    ***My salary was the same as last year.
  4. I save 3,000,000. It needs money for a deposit to get real estate.
    ***I wasted my money. I didn’t save for a house.
  5. I go abroad twice. I’ve already scheduled to go to Sydney in Golden Week holidays. I’d like to go to Taiwan in autumn.
    I need trip to enjoy myself.
    ***I achieved it. I went abroad twice this year. I went to Sydney and Taipei.
  6. I take financial education. It is necessary to avoid bankruptcy.
    ***I took a seminar on tax this year but I haven’t took financial education yet.
  7. I stop my extravagance. I must make a deposit.
    ***I wasted money and time too.
  8. I help my friend’s business. I introduce her to customers for the expansion of her business.
    ***I tried to help her business but I couldn’t.
  9. I hope my colleagues’ health and happiness. I have to work seriously for them.
    ***My colleagues were in good health this year. They are more excellent than me.
  10. I thank others for their kindness every day.
    ***I appreciate what others have done for me.

Tomorrow, I have to think what I’d like to achieve the next year.