I wish she had spent happy life

Yesterday I visited at my friend home in Nagano by car. She was my friend from college but I hadn’t seen her after graduation. Recently I heard she had committed suicide last year. Her ex-boyfriend got shocked and asked me to visit at her home together. He had dated with marriage in mind but finished with her before their graduation. He knew she had attempted suicide at college before and he protected her from suicide. As he enrolled at the graduate school, she couldn’t stand waiting for marriage until his graduation. She married with the other man as soon as her graduation and lived in Nagano.

I suppose, he felt he might protect her from her suicide if he had married her. I’m not sure if she was unhappy. I came away with the feeling that her husband was a good man and he regretted that he couldn’t had stop her suicide. Her suicide hurt many people. Probably she had been hurt by others for years. However nobody noticed her pain.

The cause of her suicide remains a mystery. We can’t solve the mystery forever.

I’d like to believe, she’d done everything she could, so she has no regret.

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