Can the young conquer the poverty?

Those were the day!  We always say so and deny the present. When I was a child, I believed that my school background became a chance to get better life in future even even if my family was poor. Nowadays many Japanese believe it and study hard to enter in well-known university. 

However many young people can’t get regular jobs and they are difficult for getting out of the poverty. The poor is quite hard to come from behind in life. They have to give up their dream even if they have unusual ability.

In Japan the poor can’t support theirselves. They can’t rent apartments and live in net cafe. Some of them lose home and settle in parks. 

The others work so hard that they suffer from mental disorder. They have to quit their jobs. However nobody relieve them. Of course they can live on welfare but it is quite hard for the young. Indeed the young suicides are increasing. 

The specialists report one of effective ways is to supply them houses. I am not rich but I think I can do something to help them.  I don’t have any good ideas yet. 

I don’t help them when they are asking for our help, while I take part in the party.


  1. When foreign travelers visit Japan, they don’t see this side of struggling Japan. I’m a Japanese born US citizen close to your age. When I was growing up in Japan in 60s and 70s, the economy was in upswing, and young people could get good jobs relatively easily. Things have changed since then. I hear a lot of sad story about Japanese young people in economic despair.


    1. kyoko says:

      Thank you for the comment. You are right. When I was young, young people could get good jobs easily and employers took care of them very much.
      Nowadays many young people work part time and they can’t support themselves. Many young people work so hard that they injure their health and mind.
      We adults think it is no big deal and advise them we also worked hard and we were poorly paid as them.
      However their situations are quit worse than us.


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