I’m still alive

Many Japanese are infected with COVID-19 everyday. The number of suicides has been increasing. I’m still alive now. It means I am happy, I think.



My mother has dementia. She stays in the nursing home now but we can’t see her for a long time due to the Corona virus.
The last month we took her to the hospital. She looked happy to see us after a long time. She was surprisingly thin and looked different.
She was beautiful and lively mother in my memory. She wore makeup and always took care about her appearance. She was my ideal.
Now she can’t walk nor have a meal by herself. Her hearing gets worse form aging and she always speaks with loud voice. She looks no longer human.
I feel she is myself after thirty years.

Why has he committed suicide?

Last weekend a famous Japanese actor committed suicide. He was an excellent actor with a promising future.

No one has known the darkness in his mind.

No one has known what he worried about and if his worries solved by suicide.

Many Japanese speculate on the cause of his suicide. But no one can figure out the question.

I’ve been asking for unsolvable question.


I stay in Kyoto, Japan now.

When I visited here at teenager, I didn’t like it because I’d felt bored at temples.

Now I’d like to recommend you to visit in Kyoto if you are thinking at the next trip.

How many achievements have I got?

This year’s achievement was……….

  1. I start a business. I continue to work as a employee and become a entrepreneur this year.
    It is said ninety percent of entrepreneurs will fail in five years, and ninety percent of successful entrepreneurs will fail in the next five years. I know it is difficult to continue my business but I’ll be able to learn something important for life. ***Yes. This year I’ve started a business.
    I live with my boyfriend. I’ve got tired to live alone, though I think living alone is comfortable. I’d like to live together and sometimes quarrel with him. A problem is that I don’t have any boyfriend yet.I stop sticking to my past. ***No. I still live alone.
  1. I earn ¥8,000,000 a year. I’ll earn ¥10,000,000 a year by 2020. ***Not net
  1. I save 3,000,000. It needs money for a deposit to get real estate. ***Yes. I sold two studios this year.
  1. I go abroad twice. I’ve already scheduled to go to Sydney in Golden Week holidays. I’d like to go to Taiwan in autumn.
    I need trip to enjoy myself. ***No. I went to Taiwan once this year.
  1. I take financial education. It is necessary to avoid bankruptcy. ***Not yet.
  1. I stop my extravagance. I must make a deposit. ***Not yet.
  1. I help my friend’s business. I introduce her to customers for the expansion of her business. ***No. I didn’t remember I had this achievement.
  1. I hope my colleagues’ health and happiness. I have to work seriously for them. ***No… Of course I hope their health and happiness, but I didn’t work seriously.
  1. I thank others for their kindness every day. ***No. I’ll try the next year.